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Aore Island, Vanuatu

33.33% Trade Component
AU$10,000 (Cash) | AU$5,000 (Trade)

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Invest In Your Future With Kava

Kava takes 3 to 5 years to grow and 5 years to reach full maturity.

Kava can be sold at 3 years old but is a more valuable commodity at full maturity.

At today’s prices, 62 acres of noble kava would bring approximately $16 million Aud. The initial investment for one acre is $15,000 AUD. That means one mature acre of noble kava plants is currently worth $260,000AUD, which serves to make the point that an investment of $15,000A for one acre may return over 15 times that amount in 5 years (if all goes to plan).

The market could fluctuate up or down, but to secure your investment after 2 years we will give you back your investment back, plus 50% interest.

Or, if you want to cash out after 3 years, we will sell your acre at market value and you will get 40% of the total value.

If you wait 5 years until the plants are fully mature, your investment will return a great deal more on the world kava market.

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4000 m2
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Kevin Robson

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