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What is Bartercard Property?

Bartercard Property is a platform provided by Bartercard Operations Aus Pty Ltd (“Bartercard”) that enable members to buy and sell properties with a trade component included in the sale/purchase price.

What is the benefit of using trade dollars to buy real estate?

The key benefit comes from understanding the cost of your trade dollar. For example, if it costs you 60 cents cash to generate one trade dollar, and you purchase a property for $500,000 including a T$125,000 trade component, the actual cost of the property in cash is $450,000. The advantage to a Bartercard member with a lower cost of a trade dollar (higher margin) is even better! There are also direct benefits in utilising a Bartercard interest-free line of credit because once again the cost of a trade dollar principle applies when meeting your repayments! Speak to your Trade Co-ordinator about your cost of trade dollar!

What are the benefits of selling my property through Bartercard Property?

Vendors selling property through Bartercard will often achieve a quick sale at the best price with the flexibility of selling it yourself or using an agent. For a property developer in the early stages of a multi-unit development, this can assist with making pre-sales to achieve financing, setting a strong benchmark price for further cash sales or, toward the end of a project, the ability to sell any remaining units without discounting the price.

How are properties priced?

All Bartercard Property listings are posted from information supplied by the vendor at the same price as in the cash market with a minimum trade component of 20%. The asking price listed is only that - an asking price. Negotiations on price, terms and conditions are undertaken between vendor and purchaser.

Can I pay the deposit in trade dollars?

Yes. Bartercard operate a Member’s Holding Account enabling us to hold deposits on behalf of the purchaser, in favor of the vendor but subject to the operating guidelines.

If I don't have enough trade dollars, can Bartercard increase my credit limit to help facilitate the purchase?

Bartercard members can apply for an increase to their interest-free line of credit. Members must complete an application form and terms and conditions apply, please contact your Trade Co-ordinator.

I need cash finance - can Bartercard help?

Depending on the situation, trade dollars are generally used as a deposit and the balance is funded through a financial institution. Contact for a referral of a finance broker who understands Bartercard.

Does GST apply to real estate transactions?

Generally, residential real estate transactions are exempt from GST. However particular transactions can incur a GST liability in certain circumstances. Independent professional advice should be obtained before entering into any transaction.

Can I pay any of my buying or selling expenses in trade dollars?

Accountants, solicitors, valuers, quantity surveyors, property management fees, pool safety inspector, removalists, building and pest inspectors and other professionals are among the Bartercard members able to assist you depending on the availability in your area. Consult the Bartercard Directory or ask your Trade Co-ordinator for further details.

What is positive and negative gearing?

Simply put, gearing refers to the net income generated by a property. To calculate this, take the gross income (rent etc.) and deduct all the expenses (interest on mortgage payments, rates, insurance, maintenance, body corporate and management fees etc.). If the outcome is a positive figure, the property is referred to as positively geared and vice-versa. However there are a number of other factors to consider when deciding on a particular property investment strategy. If you are considering purchasing an investment property, seek independent, professional advice.

How do I list properties on the Bartercard Property site?

To list your property on the site, simply click List my Property. Alternatively contact us at 

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