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Mooloolaba Jet Boat Thrill Ride Business

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Oceantech Jet Boat, Mooloolaba, QLD 4557, Australia


Ocean Tech Jet Boat representing a Helava business opportunity. In 2C certificate of survey for 12 PAX and a pilot this excitement machine is powered by ever reliable Twin Cummins 330HP Diesels and Doen water Jets.

Topping out at 40kts this boat has what it takes to get the adrenaline pumping in even the most hardcore thrillseeker. The boat is currently based in Mooloolaba but given the small vessel draft the business could easily operate in locations with the shallowest estuaries and bar crossings.

The current owners are run off their feet with fishing charters and do not have the time to devote to the Jet boat side of the business. 


This is the opportunity to own a monopoly for this type of business operation on the Sunshine Coast. Only 3 of these unique fully enclosed vessels are in operation in Australia.

Currently operating out of Mooloolaba, which is often described as the jewel of the Sunshine Coast about 1 hour north of Brisbane.


This unique experience takes groups up to 12 for a turbo charged offshore thrill ride and can also pick you up as a water taxi to take you to any waterfront location you like, such as a short trip to your favourite restaurant. Rapidly becoming a must do activity during the whale watching season,the extreme whale watching tours are doubling in numbers each season. Another popular and fast growing tour is the December Christmas Lights cruise offering.
Note a new owner could take the business to another location.


The new owners will preferably have marine knowledge but this is not essential and a business background will assist the everyday operation. Full training will be provided to the new owners. The present owners came from Melbourne five years ago with extensive business history and now operate a highly professional charter business, with all approvals in place, with the main component being deep sea fishing charters and cruises.


The Jet Boat is fully enclosed so is available for hire, subject to the safe weather, any day of the week.


This business would benefit immensely from a new owner operator setup which is not possible for the current owners. who are are conducting the general business operations and employing skippers on an hourly basis. 

Reason for Sale

As the existing charter business has successfully grown unfortunately the current owners have found it difficult to provide sufficient time to focus on this component of their overall business.

The initial plan had been to operate this as an owner operator however health issues have removed this possibility.

About the Business

The nearest Jet Boat operators are in Hervey Bay and the Gold Coast. An Air-Dock pontoon is included in the sale which keeps the Jet Boat completely free of the water when not in use. This removes many areas of maintenance costs such as antifouling,anodes, and general salt water impacts on the hull. The dock includes a (220v) blower raising system in a galvanised control cabinet as well as the blowers.

The website (, Facebook,Instagram and Google + accounts are all in place and included.
The business name has been re-registered for three years. A Rezdy online booking system subscription is available for transfer.

Online agents agreements are in place and operating with Red Balloon, Adrenaline, Viator, Flight Centre and others. A cruise ship agreement for tours with visiting vessels to Mooloolaba is also in place.


Jet Boat purchased three years ago.

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Jett van Driel-Vis

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