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Uhelp - Existing Trading Area Licenses on Offer - Sydney

50% Trade Component
AU$4,500 (Cash) | AU$4,500 (Trade)

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Licenses across NSW-VIC-QLD, NSW 2101, Australia

We provide convenience to busy lives while supporting those in need through our fantastic snacks right where you work Amazing opportunity to own your own Business in a growth market by taking up one of the available License Regions in NSW, Vic or Qld - we have 35 currently available...

Uhelp have been operating in Australia for over 20 years, providing convenience to busy lives while supporting those in need. We cater for a "grab and go" need in offices where people can easily access food items.

Our products include a selection of Chocolate Bars, Muesli Bars, Trail Mixes, Chips & Cookies

We have fantastic relationships with our business partners and have thousands of locations across NSW, Vic and Qld both in the cities and in the country areas.

How it Works?

The box is situated in the place of Business in a convenient spot for staff to easily access. Staff then pay $3 in the cash box or use the UHelp app for quick easy cash free payment.

One of our friendly Licensees then replace the Snack Box with a new box every 4 or so weeks.

It couldn't be easier to provide convenient tasty snacks to be enjoyed at anytime!

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Email us on For more information and UHelp Licensee model

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Gareth Pike

Phone : 02 8919 2125
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