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$300,000.00 inc. GST
20% Trade Component
NZ$240,000 inc. GST (Cash) | NZ$60,000 inc. GST (Trade)

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10 Teviotview Place, Amberley 4750, New Zealand

Estate : Amberley Country Estate

10 Shares only available on Bartercard - $300,000 - 20% on Bartercard.

This is a limited opportunity for people to cash convert large sums of Bartercard dollars. Secure a great return for the next 50-100 years and share in the tax losses. Project completions are 4-5 years and upon development completion get your full investment back AND an income of 90k per year.

The Amberley Country Estate is also experiencing tremendous interest.

As such the Bartells Group wishes to continue this success and are presently offering shares of 1% . There will be 3 shares or 3% of the total project available.

A 1% share is worth $300,000. The investor will get his $300,000 back then enjoy an annual ongoing income of $90,000 plus per annum ongoing and increasing and on completion this share will have a value of $650,000. In addition to this in the years of development the investor will share proportionately in the tax losses so whilst there is no dividend in the early years the tax losses generate an income from either tax refunds or tax offsets against other income.   We will accept 20% Bartercard contribution.

The projected value of this village once completed is $65,000,000 with completion due for 2026.

The reason this is such a great opportunity is that this investment is one that returns generational income that is ongoing and increasing with market inflation, that is extremely rare with these profit margins as you know.

Tim Bartells would be happy to take a call or extend an invitation to visit the Longridge Country Estate to view the product and experience firsthand this exciting opportunity.

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Timothy Bartells

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