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Great mobile business with franchising opportunity!

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Auckland, New Zealand

It's the once-a-year job nobody likes. Winter's gone, the sun is out and the barbecue season has arrived once again ...and 12 months of grease and grime need removing from your barbeque.

  • Established in 2002
  • Client list of around 3000 Auckland homeowners
  • Custom-designed trailer containing all the equipment and chemicals required, including a heated soaking bath for hotplates and grills and an industrial steam cleaner
  • Eco-friendly - all chemicals and waste products are contained in the trailer and disposed of off-site
  • Service includes repair or replacement of burners, regulator or ignition

 NOTE: Tow vehicle not included - you will need a 4WD or similar to tow the trailer 

Great Potential for Expansion

With 16 years experience in the barbecue cleaning business, Wayne says "The key to BBQ Doctor's success is that it's mobile and would be the perfect add-on to an existing business like Jim's Mowing, Hire a Hubby or similar".

Alternatively, Wayne believes the BBQ Doctor would be an ideal fit with the franchise business model. "The single biggest challenge for any mobile business in Auckland is traffic congestion" says Wayne. "As an example, Auckland could be divided into six franchise areas, each with its own BBQ Doctor. The franchise concept would minimise the amount of travel required, thereby reducing costs and increasing productivity and profitability." 

According to Wayne, "Each barbecue service takes up to two hours, so a motivated operator could do four jobs a day, say 20 in a week. That's an earning potential of $4,000/week. Overheads are low, as once a trailer is outfitted, there's no further capital expenditure. Variable expenses are primarily vehicle running costs and chemicals."

For further information, please call Wayne on 027 497 0892


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Wayne Anker

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