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At present we have a number of Training Organisations (RTO) that have our simulators inhouse to train people with. This business is to expand that network by making sales to other RTO's across a wide geographical area and then to assist with providing clients to those trainers and clipping the ticket on each sale.

The sale comes with one high end sim that has all the attachments necessary to provide demo's of all the prospective industries required. Any future R&D will be passed on free of charge.

The simulators range from $9500 to $45000 per unit and we have close to $300k in the pipeline that will transfer to the prospective owner on signing.

The incubation time for a sale can be anything from 2 weeks to 2 years but in the end is very profitable.

We also have the ability to make customised maps of a working site and set up the exact machinery used by that client, so they can use for both training and induction. This can range from $10k to $50k for a custom map.

GP on most items is close to 30%

Please reach out for more in depth information.

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