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North Island, New Zealand

The offer is to take over the North Island, NZ operation and run this providing motorsport themed events with V8 Supercars, speedway, F1, and a ton of other fun cars and tracks.. especially Bathurst and the v8 Supercars.  Also be able to offer the Trucking Industry a sim rental with Truck Driver Training, and even Excavator Training, to cover the quarry and mining Industry as well.

While Covid is still looming we have moved a bit from the traditional party offer for 2022 and are running a Nationwide Sales Strategy for the Truck and Excavator simulators, offering a trial session for all of the industry to have a look at the equipment in operation and get a feel for it. This will assist in providing plenty of new work for manufacturing sims and deliveries across NZ.  We have a online map for using the quarry equipment so trainees can work in a team environment but in the simulation instead of real world, where a simple mistake can be very costly.

The offer includes 4 racing sims set up to do the V8 Supercars with a ton of cars/tracks, plus speedway, F1, etc etc. PLUS a truck simulator with triple screens and 18 speed shifter fitted for training, PLUS a excavator simulator to train people in the use of joysticks.

There is also 2 vans coming with the business to carry the 4 rentals plus the 2 training sims.

Please feel free to check out our YouTube channel..

This Road Trip will take 5-6 months to complete and will then pave the way for a large number of bookings for xmas parties etc.

For more information and a online session to show you what is available please message us.

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