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QLD, Australia

The offer is to take over the Queensland operation and run this; providing motorsport themed events with V8 Supercars, speedway, F1, Truck Driver Training, Excavator Training, all sorts of new R&D coming up as well which will be integrated into the sims.

The offer includes 4 racing sims set up to do the V8 Supercars with a ton of cars/tracks, plus speedway, F1, etc etc.

One of the sims will have an addon for triple screen and Truck Driver Training mods so you can offer a day service to Trucking companies to upskill drivers.

Another sim will have excavator controls fitted also.

Access to our live maps online where you can work as a team and have multiple people training together in a range of vehicles.

Please feel free to check out our YouTube channel..

For more information and a online session to show you what is available please message us.

Also available on request is the New South Wales region which is under development and we can discuss any other region also.

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Mike Hart

Phone : 07-35592709
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