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Extraordinary Health Opportunity Brisbane Based To Re-Invent Your Business!

40% Trade Component
AU$15,000 (Cash) | AU$10,000 (Trade)

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1/8 Ivory Street, Booval, QLD 4304, Australia

Attention Medical + Fitness Industry and General Public

The Public Wants Advanced Data and New Age Models

Your Secured Future Income Can Be One Of Endless Possibilities

Both Programs Easy To Run Off Computer. The Esteck and the Vega Check. Saving $ 40,000

Featured by NASA Testing In Their Space Program and Over 50,000 Practitioners Worldwide

This Automated Natural Therapies and Medical Equipment Easy to Operate That Will Change the Way You Practice Forever . That Takes One Day to Learn To Operate

Elevate your Diagnosis, Leadership Skills Treatment and Profits to the Top Complimentary Level

Perfect for Weight Loss Business.

Complete with Latest Automated Effortless Diagnostic Technology and 3 D Imagery Automated Technology-

Marketing Materials Are Included / Fully Portable/ Can be moved to various locations

Specialise with not one but 2 world quality updated .clinical testing devices.

Findings immediately available in report form.

For Clinical Natural Therapists, Chiropractors, and Physiotherapists, Gymnasiums Doctors, Alternative Practitioners, Health Shops, Pharmacies, Health Retreats and Resorts, Organic Grocers, Weight Loss Business, Health Conscious Individuals to Monitor Family .

Test results involve no waiting and takes minutes.Clothes stay on and it is painless. We get the complete picture, so that with our testing methods, causes of health issues that don't normally show up are revealed. When answers are not clear medications and medical complications can get out of control and you will feel worse. It's never too late to stop the guesswork.

Uses Bioelectrical-Impedance Technology which measures altered body composition in the muscle, fat and bone which the causal factor in most chronic disease. By the use of Electro-Interstitial Fluid Scanning Technology we can estimate tissue blood flow, oxygen delivery, and energy production (ATP) in cell structures all around the body .as well as tissue perfusion and density.So the strength and speed of of a small harmless electrical signal is used to measure tissues in the digestion, brain, heart, central nervous system, hormones, lungs, lymphatics, genitor-urinary system, musculoskeletal, circulatory, vitamin and mineral deficiencies to come up with a report with tremendous accuracy. Your report will have recommendations that are specifically tailored to you based on your history,, symptoms and examination and contain actions that you can implement straight away. The Amazingly Accurate Esteck Full Body Health Scan reveals complete Systems of your body superimposed in 3D in minutes VIRUS INFECTIONS

* Circulation Cholesterol- Triglycerides

Heart and Coronary Arteries
Full Body Health Scan
The Esteck Full Body 3D Health Scan is the "Ultimate Tool" in preventative medicine taking 20 years to scientifically verify by the best European and American scientists, naturopaths, physicists and medical experts.
This is a Gold Standard scanning system, as used by NASA in their space program and over 3000 practitioners world-wide. Amazingly Accurate Esteck 3 D Scan Pinpoints All Body Systems. With its amazing spectrum of 3D colour it actually shows you what is happening inside your body and reveals the true normal state of health or abnormal function of all your major organs including a full cardiac risk assessment including, advanced heart imagery, coronary artery calcium and cholesterol stiffness assessment, blood clot risk and lipid measurements , digestion, brain screening imagery , stress levels, hormonal and mineral balance, oxygen levels and much much more.

It actually shows you what is happening inside your body. It's non-invasive and clothes stay on, painless and again takes minutes to get results.
The amazingly accurate Esteck Full Body Health Scan reveals complete systems of your body and its true state of health superimposed in 3 D without the bloody bits.
In 3 minutes, Circulation/, Heart/, Brain/,Nervous System/ Digestion/, Bone Density/, All Hormones/, Lungs/, Lymphatic Glands/ Nutrition/ Suggested Dietary Foods/ Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies/ Oxygen and Hydration Levels and Free Radical Exposure is revealed. After testing we discuss the most practical solutions

* The system took 20 years of scientific development in Europe
* Bone Density- Subluxations-
* Neuro Muscular Issues
* Brain-Neuro-Transmitters
* Cancer Risks and Pre-Cancer
* Nervous System
* Digestive System
* Bones
* All Hormones
* Lungs
* Selected Remedy Options
* Lymphatic Gland Congestion
* Absorption and Mal-Absorption of Nutrients
* Suggested Dietary Foods
* Complete Vitamins and Minerals Report
* Free Radical Exposure
* Hydration Levels- Electrolytes
* Summary of Results is immediate and accurate taking minutes.
* Hands and feet are placed on sensors that you cannot feel with the testing and results taking 10 minutes in total.

Call Peter Damestoy on 0413 043321 or 0428 892709 For More Information Email

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