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Unique Health Opportunity in Brisbane For Sale

40% Trade Component
AU$15,000 (Cash) | AU$10,000 (Trade)

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Brisbane, QLD, Australia

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The Latest Fully Upgraded Automated Diagnostic Technology

Value Sale Price is split $15,000 Australian Dollars /and $10,000 Bartercard

Unique Health opportunity in Brisbane for Sale

How would you like to know completely about your health condition ?

How would like to take your health and income to the next level?

How would you like to provide a distinct clinical service advantage that differentiates you from other health people in your area?

Then this opportunity is for you

Peter Damestoy, a retiring clinician, is offering his unique latest Fully Upgraded Automated Diagnostic Technology his completely updated technology delivers the following: for professionals and non-professionals -

· Full body Health scan

· Fully automated and pinpointed diagnosis

· For Weight Loss /Circulation/, Heart/, Brain/, Nervous System/ Digestion/, Bone Density/, All Hormones/, Lungs/, Lymphatic Glands/ Nutrition/ Suggested Dietary Foods/ Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies/ Oxygen and Hydration Levels and Free Radical Exposure is revealed and much more.

This then provides the opportunity to discuss the most practical solutions for you

Peter Damestoy will provide full training and instructions for use as part of sale.

This is a one-off opportunity and Peter is offering his equipment for sale at $15,000 Cash / $10,000 Barter for each

To take advantage of this opportunity please contact Peter Damestoy on 0413-043321 or

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Peter Damestoy

Phone : 0413043321
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